60 sec. of Wisdom: Defeat Failure


Failure and success are two sides of the same coin. Interestingly, both can also be subjective; it’s all about perspective. So let’s consider perspective. Failure can mean something different to each person. I have heard students in the Gifted program refer to a grade of B (70s) as a “gifted fail” or “Asian F”. Meanwhile, people like myself, who had never been good at math would consider such a grade a huge accomplishment. I know some of my students feel that way about getting such a grade in English class.

Notice how Prince Ea says “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”, rather than sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Again, it’s all about perspective. There are opportunities in “failure”. No one can be right all of the time. No one grows, develops, improves, succeeds without learning from mistakes; therefore, learning and success cannot occur to its fullest without the other side of the coin and a healthy perspective on it. Failure.

Consider your perspective on failure, losing, being wrong. How has this video changed your perspective? How will this change your actions as a result? How will you succeed as a result of your failures?

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