Death at Age 25

If you are not passionate about something, have a goal or a dream, then it may be time for some reflection, some introspection, some soul-searching to find out what really drives you. This is something that can give your direction and purpose, shape your life for the better, and impact the lives of those around you. So how are you going to figure out what you are passionate about, what drives you? Try something you have always wanted to try or try something new. Take a risk!


If you already have or know your passion, goal, or dream, are you acting on it already to bring it to fruition? If so, are you on track? Do you have a timeline for completion? Are you keeping yourself accountable to fulfilling your dream? If not, why not? Do not be complacent or lazy. Comfort is nice, but being comfortable all of the time leads to being comfortably miserable because dreams die. We cannot develop without movement, action, conflict.


Prince EA tells people to take risks, live their life, and "step into [their] greatness”.

He tells people that their focus should be on the advancement of their dreams, ideas, vision, their life, and not to focus on celebrities and other vapid or vain pursuits.

Negativity is another assailant of dreams. Of the average 66,000 thoughts we have a day, 44,000 of them are negative. Only 6-8 of those are legitimate worries or concerns that are out of our control. In his last sentences, he reminds us not to "let this negative world get to you. Don’t let it win”, because there is enough negativity that surrounds us in the world.


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