If You Are in a Shell

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Our society tends to value extroversion over introversion, in most realms and disciplines of life. Many of us have a bias towards extroversion as though it were the high watermark of personality, even many introverts are biased. While there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be outgoing, mistreating those who are shy or quiet is not acceptable. The pressure of society and the obvious favour people have for the more gregarious is not unlike people’s favour for attractive people; being shy or quiet can make it difficult to adapt. Bullying, looking down upon, taking advantage of, or being prejudiced against the shy or quiet can cause them to retreat into themselves or retreat further into a shell than they were before. Or there is another response… See what Harry Shum, Jr. of Glee does as his response.

Consider that even if you are not in a shell, there are things that make everyone uncomfortable, insecure, or relatively withdrawn in those situations. What are your thoughts on being in a shell? If or when you are in a shell, how do you cope, adapt, or break out of it?

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