Good Grammar


Read this article by Kyle Wiens, CEO and cofounder of and After reading this short article, please listen to the audio clip from CBC Radio's Q. In this episode he interviews Kyle Wiens and polyglot, Timothy Doner. When listening to Doner's level of speech and vocabulary, and how articulate he is, it is difficult to ascertain that he is an American 16-year-old boy. Here is an actual bad example of language when inquiring about a job, from a graduate fresh out of university.

I hope that both of these interviews and the email example resonate with all students, so they understand that the importance of grammar and language extends well beyond the classroom. It has far-reaching implications in other facets of society and aspects of life. While it is understood that some people are better at things than others, the best part about this topic is that it all lies in one's individual choice to care enough about it, to make an effort to improve.

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